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In Which I learned a New Word, and Something About Myself 09 Sep 2008

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And that word is “idiopathic”.  It’s doctor-speak for “we don’t know why it happened”.

I learned it from my vet.  On Monday morning, my pup collapsed.  Her eyes were open, but she was completely non-responsive.  I scooped her up, grabbed my keys, and rushed to the vet.  Wet hair, half-dressed, no purse (thus no Driver’s license or credit cards), but I didn’t care.  Even though they don’t take appointments until after lunch, they immediately brought her in.

I stepped outside to call my boss to tell her I wasn’t coming in (I vaguely remember trying to get out what I wanted to say between the sobs).  When I came back, the pup was acting like normal – wagging her tail as if nothing had happened.

After enough tests to exhaust a significant chunk of my paycheck, they determined that she was the picture of health.  Well, except for the collapse, which they told me was an “idiopathic” seizure.  According to the vet, occasional seizures are not an uncommon condition for breeds like the pup.

As I sat there with the pup in my lap, I found my mind racing.  I fell apart over a life-threatening situation with my dog.  I want to have children someday – how in the world am I going to handle something happening to them if I can barely handle something happening to my pet?

If I Ever Have Kids… 20 Aug 2008

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I want them to be as smart as Dale McGowan’s kids.  Keep in mind that the girl telling the story is six years old.