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This Week in Stupidity 22 Mar 2009

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And the winner is….Pastor Chris Fox of Kendalls Baptist Church in New London, NC.

He tried to pull a reverse-Poe at a blog written and read by atheists.  Hilarity ensued.

PROTIP:  You will get caught if you Lie for Jesus.

On a related note, lolcats nail it:

PBS Documentary on Intelligent Design Is Now Online 16 Nov 2007

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The PBS documentary “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design On Trial” is now available for viewing online.  The program covers the 2005 federal case of  Kitzmiller v. Dover School District, the first legal test of Intelligent Design as a valid scientific theory.  SPOILER ALERT:  The judge ruled that it was, in fact, a repackaging of creationism, not legitimate science.

I found the program to be very interesting.  I didn’t follow the trial while it was going on, and I didn’t realize just how awful the shenanigans of some of the school board members really were.  I didn’t know that two of the guys perjured themselves in their depositions.  Isn’t lying a no-no according to the Ten Commandments?  Or is it okay if you’re lying for Jesus?