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Shorter DI: PLEEEEASE BUY OUR DVD! 11 Sep 2008

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Ah, the Discovery Institute.  A never-ending source of lulz.

Help Us Get Lawmakers Expelled

Dear friends,

We’re excited to be able to tell you that on October 21st Expelled: No Intelligence Allow, starring Ben Stein, will be released on DVD. In Expelled, Stein brilliantly exposed the widespread persecution of scientists and educators who are pursuing legitimate science that challenges Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Rush Limbaugh called the movie “powerful” and “fabulous” and said Stein’s “interviews with some of the professors who espouse Darwinism are literally shocking.”

“It is surely the best thing ever done on this issue, in any medium,” wrote journalist Tom Bethell in the American Spectator. “At moments it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I have written about this controversy for over 30 years and by the movie’s end I felt that those of us who have insisted that Darwinism is a sorry mess and that life surely was designed are going to prevail.”

Expelled had one of biggest opening weekends ever for a documentary film and is one the top 5 all time most successful political documentaries ever produced. Now that it is coming out on DVD we want it to be even more successful. We want it to be possible for even more people to see this important film.

To accomplish that we need your assistance and have two options for you to consider…

First We would like to widely distribute the DVD to key policy makers, opinion makers and leaders throughout the country. Such distribution takes more money than we have budget for right now. So, we’re looking for donations to help underwrite the cost of sending the DVD to these individuals. Donations of any amount are welcome. The cost of purchasing and distributing one DVD is about $25, so your donation of $100 will help us to send 4 DVDs. We want to send out as many DVDs as possible Click here to donate now .Second If you run a church or school bookstore and would like to stock Expelled we can help you get a special wholesale price, if you pre-order 25 copies or more. By ordering together in quantity we may be able to get the cost per DVD reduced up to 50% off of the retail price. This is a limited one time offer and we estimate the cost of 25 DVDs to be $300, plus shipping. For bulk orders contact us at the e-mail or phone number below.

We have to move quickly to guarantee that the costs don’t go up. The DVD is going into production soon, so orders must be placed and paid for by Wednesday, Sept. 17th. Please contact Janine Dixon at jdixon@discovery.org, (206) 292-0401 x108 to start the order process.

Thank you for your support,

Robert Crowther
Director of Communications
Center for Science Culture

Where to begin?  That the title of the e-mail implies that they want to expel lawmakers?  That they couldn’t even get the name of the film right? That Rush Limbaugh thought the movie was “FAB-u-LOUS”, or the mental image of him being “literally shocked”?

And why so expensive?  $25 per DVD? $12 if bought in bulk?  Even at $12, it’s about $11.99 overpriced.


More Discovery Institute Shenanigans 05 Feb 2008

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Casey Luskin has a new post up where he discusses a paper in PLoS Biology. While his ability to totally misrepresent the point of the paper is not surprising, his post is causing a huge furor in the scientific blogosphere with the use of “Blogging About Peer-Reviewed Research” icon.

For those not familiar with the BPR3 effort, it’s a way for bloggers to tag entries that discuss papers that appear in the literature. What’s great about this effort is that it makes it easy for an interested reader to find out what people are saying about a particular article.

In order to use the BPR3 icon, one must register the site with researchblogging.org and follow a few simple guidelines when posting. Guess how many of these instructions were followed by Casey? If you guessed zero, you get nothing. Not because you’re wrong, but because the choice was obvious.

Instead, Casey copied the icon to the DI’s website and posted it without any link back to researchblogging.org. I’m guessing that he didn’t bother to ask permission to copy the icon, since the DI has been shown to be a bit fuzzy on the whole copyright thing.

But of course, the DI isn’t really interested in becoming engaged in thoughtful scientific debate. What they want to do is to give themselves a veneer of intellectual credibility for the benefit of their credulous followers. I’m guessing they left out the link so that none of their flock strays out of their tightly-controlled propaganda machine.

Of course, the post has been a source of discussion on BPR3. The general consensus is that (surprise!) the post fails to meet both the letter and/or the spirit of several of the guidelines.

I’m sure that Casey will be rectifying this situation promptly. And by “rectifying”, I mean “whining about”. One thing that the DI fellows are highly skilled at is whining.

UPDATE: Mr. Luskin has responded.