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I’m a scientist stuck in the Bible Belt, with many opinions that don’t go over very well here.


1. bibomedia - 29 Feb 2008


2. James B. Webb - 02 Apr 2008

I linked to your site from Pharyngula. I like your stuf but more would be better. Check mine out if you’d like.

3. Duke Wankins - 29 Jun 2008

“I’m a scientist stuck in the Bible Belt…”

It’s interesting I think, how people are always “stuck” somwhere they don’t like. As if an invisible force makes them stay. I witnessed this a lot during my stay in the US Navy (at half a dozen duty stations; SC., TN., MISS. and CA.). Amazing as it was, there was always some one who would claim they were “stuck” at a particular base, and of course where they came from was a paradise. If you don’t like the “Bible Belt”, why don’t you leave? If your “opinions” don’t go over very well , why don’t you shut-up about it? Do you just feal some urge to let people know what you think? I also live in the Bible Belt, and I get a lot of flak for listening to classical mucic, being a vegatarian, and a non-smoker, hunter and drinker. BUT, I love it here and do so by my own free will. I am not stuck here and can leave anytime I wish. SO can you.

-Duke Wankins

4. omcdurham - 02 Jul 2008

Wank is ‘Fealin’ awfully defensive. He must know that a blog is a series of thoughts, expressions, and ‘fealins’.
Hey Wank, sometimes a well payin’ job keeps one in a place for a time, just like the Navy. Or perhaps family, or a relationship, whatever.
By the way, what is mucic? Nuthin’ classical about mucic.

movingbacktothenorth - 11 Sep 2009

Wank needs to use spell check. A hunter and a vegatarian (think he meant vegetarian), quite a dichotomy!

5. omcdurham - 03 Jul 2008

By the way, Wank, what’s a ‘vegatarian’?

6. Duke Wankins - 03 Jul 2008


The point is that unless someone forced the writer in question into her present position, she is there by her own choice. The Navy, a relationship, or a job are ALL choices. You disagree?


7. Jessa - 04 Jul 2008


I’ve addressed your comment here.

8. omcdurham - 09 Jul 2008

Glad you two got it sorted out. Yes, I get it that people choose where they live (for the most part), And I chose to relocate to North Carolina from Michigan, where for some time, I did feel stuck. Bad relationship, bad economy, and just plain bad vibes. I’m glad I moved to the so-called “Bible Belt”, even though I tend to shun organized religion.
The people here are so much nicer, and they seem really interested in where one comes from. I like that. Sorry I picked on you. I just thought that a person shouldn’t be assailed for one sentence.

9. duke wankins - 12 Jul 2008


I completely understand. One of my best friends in the navy was from Flint, Michigan. Good guy, easy to get along with. I got out of the navy in 1989 and last saw John in 1996 in Hanford, California..still a good fellow.


10. omcdurham - 13 Jul 2008

Wank, you and Jessa have some great dialogue going. I love reading it. Keep it up.
I got out of college in 1989, and I’ve seen some real idiots in my time (including me).
But I also have learned that people are gonna say what they wanna say, regardless of education, background, environment, or job status. Perhaps either you or I should start a blog, write what we feel, and see how it goes.

11. hedgemonkey - 18 Apr 2009

Hi, I was trawling through my friends blogrolls and chanced upon your site . From that point I seem to have idled away a significant proportion of this Sunday afternoon … which must be a testament to how readable and enjoyable your writing is. Also, if you don’t mind me mentioning, the dialogue you had with the Duke chap above greatly restored my faith in the Internet’s ability to be a tool for well mannered eloquence and positive human contact. There’s not enough of that being spread around the ether these days.

Jessa - 25 Apr 2009

Glad you like it! It’s good to know that people enjoy my stuff.

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