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Vandals for Jesus 13 Jul 2011

Posted by Jessa in Atheism, Religion.

Way back when I was in college, one of my friends had a car emblem that I’d never seen before.  It looked like a Christian fish, except it had feet and said “Darwin” in the center of it.  I thought it was amusing, even though I was a Christian at the time.

Apparently somebody didn’t like it.  One morning, said friend came out to his car to find the emblem missing and the air let out of all four tires.

It appears that times haven’t changed much.

In the ongoing battle between Jesus and pieces of plastic affixed to automobiles, researchers at the Florida Museum of Natural History are finding themselves the victims of escalating vandalism:

It started small. Darwin Fish emblems would be ripped off cars a few times a year. Undeterred, the victims would simply replace them. Then bumper stickers were scraped off. Then notes containing prayers were left on cars. And now the vandal has apparently taken the next step: driving nails into tires. One researcher said she discovered a long nail had been deliberately forced into the side rim of her new tire, destroying it. Another researcher had both front tires ruined by long nails. These incidents all happened in a parking lot behind Bartram-Carr Hall.

This seems to be a trend.  As non-religious views have become more visible in society, some “good Christians” have felt compelled to turn to criminal activity.  In particular, atheist billboards seem to be a magnet for those who want to share the love of Jesus through Krylon.

To be fair, some atheists have vandalized churches.  The big difference I see is that when an atheist vandalizes something, prominent atheists speak out against it, and try to put things right again.  It would be nice if Christian vandalism would be met with similar disapproval from church leaders, but I’m not holding my breath.


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Vandals for Jesus | Impolite Conversation

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