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I Call Poe on ChristWire 23 May 2009

Posted by Jessa in Atheism, Religion.
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Here’s their 404 error message:

Our holy servers are currently experiencing miraculous amounts of high traffic and atheistic evils.

Why do 404 error messages occur?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe 404 Error message was created by an unholy menagerie of vile atheists, Democrats, liberals and Godless Soviets in the Year of our Lord 1992. We’re told through electronic pathogens and demonic incantation rituals, they managed to create ways to electronically limit the amount of lost souls and seekers of truth that ‘web servers’ could process in a given minute.

Though their machinations are evil and everlasting, through hope, prayer and clicking refresh you can eventually overcome these wicked limits during times when tens of thousands of people flock to ChristWire per hour to discover the works of True Christians.


1. HER - 07 Nov 2009

You know your error 404 message was actually not that funny and I found it quite offensive , but Im not going to get angry and Im not going to be rude . Infatct Im gonna do whats right and an old tredition and say ” Blessed Be my sisters and brothers and may the goddess smile down on you , Merry meet merry part and merry meet again” My parents are both atheists as are the rest of my family my mother went to a convent school and got a U in her R.E GCSE , she is a very smart and wonderful women you all would be proud to know and I just wanna say that the POPE is doing that vow of poverty thing wrong if Im right the Bible says something about being able to find god under a rock . Why then , If I may do you get massive cathedrals and churches full of riches and other things to worship him in , BECAUSE THE PEOPLE LIKE THE POPE (who is currently an ex-nazi) LIVING IN THEM !!!! IT IS STEELING FROM THE POOR !! religion is used to manipulate fear and guilt and making people give up their money
P.S This site is UBER american and I think if you tell children there is a god and go to church with them every sunday and tell them because thats what god wants it might never really occur to them that god might not exist and thats not a good thing because it limits them and once they are adults and they’re telling their children the same they’ll be giving so much of their money to the church and the cathedrals will keep getting built and eventually just become homes for con men who say it’s gods will and tourist attractions.

Jessa - 10 Nov 2009

Ummm…It’s not my 404 error. And I’m pretty sure that ChristWire is actually a satire site. That’s why I envoked “Poe’s Law” (“Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humour, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”).

And, in case the giant “A” in my sidebar didn’t give it away, I’m an atheist. You should be pleased to know that, while I was raised in an uber-American household where I was always told that god exists, it didn’t stop me from questioning and eventually leaving the religious dogma behind.

2. OMC - 10 Nov 2009

I grew up believing in god and jesus and all that stuff. My dad taught me to ask questions as he was feeding me the idea of a supreme being, and now I disregard the whole superstition thing. I once went to a (lutheran) church, where they told me that their god and jebus was better than my (episcopal) god and jebus. Since both denominations are protestant, I mistakenly believed we were all sisters/brothers. My mistake. Since the bible tells us that Jesus accepted all and forsook no one, the original socialist, I thought about the reasons why people kill each other. I thought about how the 10 commandments sound like mind control (population control). OBEY ME OR YOU WILL BURN IN ETERNAL HELLFIRE!!! But god loves you?

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