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Heaven Has Too Many Tribbles 13 Apr 2009

Posted by Jessa in Religion.
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I guess I was about 7 or 8, and I was riding with my best friend to her parents’ house.  Her grandmother was driving.

Her grandmother was a Southern Baptist, and she knew I wasn’t.  I was Methodist, which, in my area, was about on par with being a godless heathen.  She asked me how I was baptized.  I told her that I was sprinkled on my head, as was the tradition in my church.

I remember vividly her reply: “Well, then only the top of your head will go to Heaven, since that’s all you had baptized.”

And all I could remember thinking was that there must be a lot of tops of heads crawling around in Heaven, like tribbles on the Enterprise.



1. CP - 13 Apr 2009

I ❤ Tribbles!!!

2. Jessa - 13 Apr 2009

Yeah, but I wouldn’t want to be wading through them for eternity. 😉

3. CP - 14 Apr 2009

But we’d BE one of those Tribbles, so I guess it’s okay.

4. hedgemonkey - 18 Apr 2009

I always thought that episode looked like someone had dumped a truck load of merkins on the Enterprise set … The theological ramifications warms me.

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