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Southern Baptist Bookstores Pull Magazine Featuring Women Pastors 21 Sep 2008

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From the Christian Post:

Over 100 Christian bookstores run by the Southern Baptist Convention have pulled from their shelves this month’s issue of Gospel Today Magazine, which features a cover story about female pastors.

Customers to Lifeway Christian Bookstores, located mostly in the Bible Belt with a handful of locations along the West Coast, will now have to request to buy the Sept./Oct. issue of Gospel Today Magazine, which have been placed behind the stores’ counters.

The front cover of the latest issue of Gospel Today, an urban publication with a circulation of nearly a quarter of a million, features five smiling female pastors and was titled “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Female Pastors.” In the cover story, the five preachers talk about their roles and responsibilities, struggles and successes.

The Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s second largest Christian denomination, officially opposes females serving as pastors. In 2000, the denomination overwhelmingly adopted a revised statement of faith that said the pastoral role should be restricted to men.

“We have removed the September/October issue of Gospel Today from our shelves because the cover story, featuring female pastors, clearly advocates a position contrary to our denomination’s statement of faith, the Baptist Faith & Message,” Chris Turner, a spokesman for Lifeway Resources, told The Christian Post.

The Baptist Faith and Message declares that “While both men and women are gifted for service in the church, the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture.”

Teresa Hairston, the magazine’s publisher, could not be reached for comment. But according to reports by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Associated Press, Hairston said she was just reporting on an emerging trend in churches, and not trying to promote women pastors.

“They basically treated it like pornography and put it behind the counter,” said Hairston, according to AP. “Unless a person goes into the store and asks for it, they won’t see it displayed.”

Richard Land, president of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, also weighed in the topic of women serving in leadership roles in his recent commentary on women and the election.

He rejected misunderstandings that the denomination wants women to be “subservient” to men, citing the SBC’s confession of faith that states woman and man are “equal worth before God.”

But he drew from teachings in the New Testament to support the Southern Baptist position on women pastors. In 1 Timothy 2:12, “the Apostle Paul instructs that ‘a woman is not to usurp authority over the man,'” explained Land.

“Most Southern Baptists have understood this to mean that women are not to be pastors of local churches, since the pastoral office is a position of authority,” he said.

And the kicker:

Although the denomination doesn’t agree with women serving as pastors, said Land, it does not oppose women serving in leadership roles in public service, such as the vice presidency.

Emphasis mine.  So women pastors on the cover of a magazine = bad.  But women serving in the second-highest office in the country = fine.

MC Hawking 21 Sep 2008

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Pastafarians Scare Off WBC Protesters 21 Sep 2008

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It’s good to see that my brethren in my hometown of Little Rock are putting the power of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to good use.  They managed to scare off a group of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church:

What do you do to make a bunch of soulless nutcases abandon their post at the Convention Center? Send in the pirates!

Yep, the cuckoo Phelps hate group walked the plank this morning after a happy bunch dressed like pirates and holding signs saying “God hates shrimp — Leviticus” and “God hates cotton-polyester blends” stood opposite them at the corner of Markham and Scott streets. The group, made up of Central Arkansas Pastafarians, waved swords and growled “Arrghh!” in a manner that would have made Abbie Hoffman proud.

With cars honking and waving at the pirates and a TV crew giving them all the attention, the Phelps group — with a child in tow, sadly — picked up their “fag” epithets and went away. Pitiful.

May they forever remain touched by his noodly appendage.  RAmen.

LHC Check 12 Sep 2008

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If you wanted check if the Large Hadron Collider has destroyed the Earth, click here.  BTW- the page source has the win!

Just Ask Jesus 11 Sep 2008

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I didn’t realize he had a website.  Good to know.

Shorter DI: PLEEEEASE BUY OUR DVD! 11 Sep 2008

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Ah, the Discovery Institute.  A never-ending source of lulz.

Help Us Get Lawmakers Expelled

Dear friends,

We’re excited to be able to tell you that on October 21st Expelled: No Intelligence Allow, starring Ben Stein, will be released on DVD. In Expelled, Stein brilliantly exposed the widespread persecution of scientists and educators who are pursuing legitimate science that challenges Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Rush Limbaugh called the movie “powerful” and “fabulous” and said Stein’s “interviews with some of the professors who espouse Darwinism are literally shocking.”

“It is surely the best thing ever done on this issue, in any medium,” wrote journalist Tom Bethell in the American Spectator. “At moments it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I have written about this controversy for over 30 years and by the movie’s end I felt that those of us who have insisted that Darwinism is a sorry mess and that life surely was designed are going to prevail.”

Expelled had one of biggest opening weekends ever for a documentary film and is one the top 5 all time most successful political documentaries ever produced. Now that it is coming out on DVD we want it to be even more successful. We want it to be possible for even more people to see this important film.

To accomplish that we need your assistance and have two options for you to consider…

First We would like to widely distribute the DVD to key policy makers, opinion makers and leaders throughout the country. Such distribution takes more money than we have budget for right now. So, we’re looking for donations to help underwrite the cost of sending the DVD to these individuals. Donations of any amount are welcome. The cost of purchasing and distributing one DVD is about $25, so your donation of $100 will help us to send 4 DVDs. We want to send out as many DVDs as possible Click here to donate now .Second If you run a church or school bookstore and would like to stock Expelled we can help you get a special wholesale price, if you pre-order 25 copies or more. By ordering together in quantity we may be able to get the cost per DVD reduced up to 50% off of the retail price. This is a limited one time offer and we estimate the cost of 25 DVDs to be $300, plus shipping. For bulk orders contact us at the e-mail or phone number below.

We have to move quickly to guarantee that the costs don’t go up. The DVD is going into production soon, so orders must be placed and paid for by Wednesday, Sept. 17th. Please contact Janine Dixon at jdixon@discovery.org, (206) 292-0401 x108 to start the order process.

Thank you for your support,

Robert Crowther
Director of Communications
Center for Science Culture

Where to begin?  That the title of the e-mail implies that they want to expel lawmakers?  That they couldn’t even get the name of the film right? That Rush Limbaugh thought the movie was “FAB-u-LOUS”, or the mental image of him being “literally shocked”?

And why so expensive?  $25 per DVD? $12 if bought in bulk?  Even at $12, it’s about $11.99 overpriced.


Palin For President 11 Sep 2008

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No, not THAT Palin.

T-Minus 3 Hours 09 Sep 2008

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Until we all die.  But probably not.

Why?  Because the LHC is going live tonight at 3:30 ET.  To get an idea of why scientists are not worried that everyone will get sucked into a mini black hole, go here.

I fully expect to still be alive to get up and go to work tomorrow.  Not quite sure whether that’s a good or bad thing.

In Which I learned a New Word, and Something About Myself 09 Sep 2008

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And that word is “idiopathic”.  It’s doctor-speak for “we don’t know why it happened”.

I learned it from my vet.  On Monday morning, my pup collapsed.  Her eyes were open, but she was completely non-responsive.  I scooped her up, grabbed my keys, and rushed to the vet.  Wet hair, half-dressed, no purse (thus no Driver’s license or credit cards), but I didn’t care.  Even though they don’t take appointments until after lunch, they immediately brought her in.

I stepped outside to call my boss to tell her I wasn’t coming in (I vaguely remember trying to get out what I wanted to say between the sobs).  When I came back, the pup was acting like normal – wagging her tail as if nothing had happened.

After enough tests to exhaust a significant chunk of my paycheck, they determined that she was the picture of health.  Well, except for the collapse, which they told me was an “idiopathic” seizure.  According to the vet, occasional seizures are not an uncommon condition for breeds like the pup.

As I sat there with the pup in my lap, I found my mind racing.  I fell apart over a life-threatening situation with my dog.  I want to have children someday – how in the world am I going to handle something happening to them if I can barely handle something happening to my pet?

An AFA-Approved Greeting Card 07 Sep 2008

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Since the American “Family” Association got its knickers in a knot over the decision by Hallmark to produce a line of gay-friendly greeting cards, I thought I’d throw them a bone by making a card just for them:

Inside text: Oops! The auto-replace went a bit out of control.