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Atheism Leads To Civil War? 24 Aug 2008

Posted by Jessa in Non-Religion, Religion.
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Crazy Billboard

Logic – You’re Doing It Wrong.



1. spgreenlaw - 24 Aug 2008

“Anti-American is Treason”? Seems like Reverend Briggs needs to brush up on his grammar in addition to his logic. Excellent find.

2. Samuel Skinner - 24 Aug 2008

Simple. It is standard Christian Nationalism- basically the foundations of theocracy or facism.

Just pretend it is the 1930s and everything makes alot more sense. It isn’t an exact analogy, but it works.

3. omcdurham - 25 Aug 2008

Atheism is expressing freedom of religion (or lack thereof), freedom of speech, and freedom to assemble. All of these things are as American as the Constitution. Hey Briggs, read the Bill of Rights, you silly, ignorant man.This dude needs to open his mind or close his mouth. It’s ultra right-wing fascism that led to massive genocide under Hitler and Mussolini. Reverend, my ass.

4. Samuel Skinner - 26 Aug 2008

The Weimar Republic had civil right guarentees to, but they were supressed under the Enabling Act for “the duration of the emergency”.

You have to remember, there are people who believe the word freedom means freedom to obey God. You can’t assume all your opponents are rational- or sane.

Taking people at their word doesn’t always work, but the truely dangerous tend to monologue. No, I’m not kidding- I have no idea why they feel the need to tell everyone in advance their plan.Mein Kampf, Communist Manifesto and this http://adultthought.ucsd.edu/Culture_War/The_American_Taliban.html.

5. omcdurham - 29 Aug 2008

Dear Skin:
Yes, it’s true that the Weimar folks guaranteed their citizens certain rights, but they weren’t enforced the way American laws are. The ACLU kinda has that one in the bag, although they do get a bit frivolous at times.

Mein Kamph was written at a time when the German People were still looking for an answer to the devastation resulting from WWI. Hitler rode his ideas to power by brainwashing the public, by ensuring the German (Aryan) race was superior to all, especially the Jews, and that all others were just trying to repress the “true reich”.

I have the utmost confidence that the American People aren’t stupid or gullible enough to let that situation arise here at home.

As for obeying god, it’s up to the individual, for christ’s sake. Thinking for oneself is why we can function as people. The freedom of religion is exactly that, and, personally, religion is like an insert in a shoe….it’s there for you, but don’t make me wear your shoes if they don’t fit.

6. Alex Carroll - 18 Dec 2009

Hey this billbord deeply offends me because i am athiest now but even when i was a lutheran man i always beleved that part of being a good christan is trying to convert people to his faith witch this man is obviously not doing if anyhting he is driving people away from his faith witch is not very christan at all. however even if he is not attending to the christan mission of converting people he should at least be understanding i have a hard time beleving that a man like this would be someone i would or even his own congregation would feel comfortable in conffessing more than stealing a cookie before dinner let alone a legitamite sin

7. Marcelo - 21 Sep 2010

As far as I remember, one of most important basis when America was founded is the separation of state from religion.
I think being a religious person is anti-American.
And being anti-American is treason.
Traitors lead to civil war.
I think it already happened in the past, but the atheists won.

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