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Obama = Hitler?? 30 Jul 2008

Posted by Jessa in Politics.
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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wait. What? Is that Stein’s thing now? Comparing everything he dislikes to Nazis?



1. omcdurham - 31 Jul 2008

Hello, Ben. I want to win Ben Stein’s Money! Wasn’t that show broadcast to millions?
It seems as though you have been passed over by reality.
Yes, the large audience is a little overkill, but do you honestly think the American people, sheepish as they may seem, would allow a Hitler-like thing to happen? How much are the ID folks paying you?
The NFL plays its games in front of tens of thousands each Sunday, and, yes, there might be some animosity towards the guy next to you in the seats that roots for the visiting team, but almost all of the fans in that stadium paid (chose) to be there.
If Mr. Obama wants to have a rally in a stadium instead of an arena, who besides you cares? If I’m not mistaken, freedom of assembly is included in the Bill of Rights, as long as it is orderly.
Comparing his gathering to those of Hitler is just purely stupid and paranoid. Dig up Joe McCarthy, for pete’s sake! Didja see how he ended up, you senile old has-been!

2. ryan smith - 12 Oct 2008

Yes they would. How stupid can u all get to vote for Obama. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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