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They’re Voting Republican 14 Jun 2008

Posted by Jessa in Politics.


1. cpacek - 15 Jun 2008

I am going to vote NONE OF THE ABOVE because neither side knows what to do and have no idea what to do about it. Liberals, Socialists, democraps, whatever just like to whine about problems, raise taxes and offer ZERO solutions while being in bed with the media. Republicans have lost their soul. Big Government is all any of these No Talent Ass Clowns have to offer. I don’t trust anyone in our government so why would I give them control of my money, my personal life, my health, my retirement, and certainly my children. Note to the Government just please leave me the HELL alone. Enviromentalists do me a favor and shut the FUCK up. I am so sick of hearing about it. Hey here is an idea make it affordable for me to go Green and I will. Paying $10,000 for a light bulb to save $50 a year on my electric bill doesn’t make sense to me. Al do me a favor and stop telling me about the enviroment and do something about it. Like come up with an alternative energy source that is cheaper, cleaner, and better than oil and I will gladly use it. Or just make another movie to just cry like a little bitch. Just leave me the hell alone and let me make my decisions on my life.


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