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I’m a Bad Person 01 Jun 2008

Posted by Jessa in Religion.
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…at least according to The Good Person Test.

This ridiculous test embodies one of the real issues I had with Christianity.  I spent most of my life being told that I was a wretched, pathetic piece of filth that was completely incapable of being a good person.  And it didn’t matter if I spent the vast majority of my life keeping the commandments.  All it took was one white lie or one moment of anger for me to be damned for all eternity.  If I wasn’t absolutely perfect, I was destined for hell.  Unless, of course, I begged God to forgive me for telling my mom that dinner was delicious when it really wasn’t, or whatever other egregious offense I had committed.

I was also taught that I was to be held accountable for sins that I committed without my knowing it.  If I accidentally took a pen home from work and didn’t realize it (and therefore didn’t confess it), I was going to Hell.   I spent a great deal of my childhood scared to death that I couldn’t remember everything that I might have done wrong, and would therefore never get to Heaven.

Now that I’ve left religion, I am stunned by how ludicrous this is.  How can anyone take seriously a moral system that makes no distinction between getting angry at someone vs. murdering them, or taking a pencil vs. robbing a bank, or being attracted to someone vs. having sex with them?


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