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Expelled Security “Breech” 27 Feb 2008

Posted by Jessa in Non-Science.
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OH NOES! The makers of Expelled are hopping mad that someone “snuck in” to a private screening and then wrote a negative review of the movie.

We already had our first security breech [sic] and are asking YOU now for your support to stand up for EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. Hosted by Ben Stein, EXPELLED contains a critical message at a critical time. As an underdog in Hollywood right now, we need your support.

Recently Robert Moore, a film critic from The Orlando Sentinel pretending to be a minister, snuck into a private screening, did not sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and criticized the film the next day in his article.

Moore compared Stein, who is Jewish, to Holocaust Deniers and charge that Stein’s linking of Darwinism to the Holocaust was “despicable.” Stein states, “The only thing I find despicable is when reporters sneak into screenings by pretending to be ministers. This is a new low even for liberal reporters.”

That’s rich. I re-read the review, and it states that the reviewer received an e-mail invitation to the screening. The screening was tailored for a receptive audience of ministers, but the review does not give any indication that the reviewer was “pretending to be a minister”. That the producers let someone who hadn’t signed and NDA see the movie is their fault, not the reviewer’s. It’s not a security breach.

What pegs my irony meter is that these guys are throwing a hissy fit that someone might have misrepresented themselves to get into a screening. To refresh your memory, these are the same folks that obtained several of their interviews for the movie by misrepresenting their intentions.

Hat tip: Pharyngula



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