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The Proteomics Paper Problem 10 Feb 2008

Posted by Jessa in Science.
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A bit of a scandal has been brewing in the scientific blogging community over an ahead-of-print paper in the journal Proteomics. Pharyngula had some serious issues with the peer-review process of this article because it contains an invocation of a “mighty creator” and some weird claim of a body-soul connection in mitochondria.  It appears that this was a case of shoddy work by the paper’s reviewers, who seemingly approved the paper without reading it in depth.

Then it got even more serious.  Some astute commenters on Pharyngula noticed that a significant portion of the paper was plagiarized from other sources.   I hope that the editors of Proteomics responds to these issues quickly and decisively, for the sake of their integrity.



1. Proteomics Incident: One Author Responds « Impolite Conversation - 11 Feb 2008

[…] trackback Pharyngula has received an apologetic e-mail from Jin Han, one of the authors of the Proteomics paper that caused a stir.  Like PZ, I don’t buy the whole “confusion between drafts” thing.  It […]

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