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Under-Appreciated Album 03 Feb 2008

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Roger Waters’ “Amused To Death

“The idea for the album was a strangely prophetic one. I was working within the general metaphor of a gorilla watching television, the ape being a symbol for anyone who’s been sitting with his mouth open in front of network and cable news for the last 10 years. The record explores the idea of television as medicine: It’s either healing us or killing us. The truth is it’s doing both, healing us as a target audience but killing off our respective cultures.”

Even though it was released in 1992, the message still applies today.



1. David - 04 Feb 2008

I agree … the trouble with Roger Waters, in particular on this album is that I found it difficult to get through – there’s a lot to absorb – it took about 4/5 stabs at it to finally hear the whole thing. His rather pessimistic messages are also not for everyone but the music and the added ‘sound effects’ are great. As a concept album though it’s up there with the best. It’s also in Q sound and the 3D effects are excellent as well.

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