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Wanna Skew a Poll at WND? 09 Dec 2007

Posted by Jessa in Non-Religion.

Predictably, WND has picked up the story about the “Imagine No Religion” sign erected by the Connecticut Valley Atheists. If you scroll down to the bottom, you have an opportunity to participate in today’s poll, which relates to the story.

The question: What are your thoughts on atheists displaying their message on public property?

The choices:

  • There’s no god, so their message is true – what’s the problem with that?
  • There should be no signs or displays from any private groups on public property
  • If one side’s message is allowed, every sides’ message must be permitted
  • I’m a libertarian – if there was no public property we wouldn’t have this problem
  • It’s harmless – give it a rest
  • I don’t care if they have a display but blaming people of faith for 9/11 goes too far
  • It shouldn’t be permitted – this country was founded as a Christian nation
  • The atheists are just playing the role of Herod in a modern-day Christmas drama
  • Their darkness just makes the light of Christmas and Hanukkah shine brighter
  • Other

Guess which choice is winning? The downside is that you have to give them an e-mail in order to vote (boo!), but if you’re willing to throw away an e-mail address, go weigh in.


1. fitnessfortheoccasion - 09 Dec 2007

Their poll is helplessly skewed of course. But I find number two to be really disturbing:

It shouldn’t be permitted – this country was founded as a Christian nation

That option came in second place. Scary.

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