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Saturday Comic 08 Dec 2007

Posted by Jessa in Religion, Science.
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1. mopenshaw - 09 Dec 2007

Not quite this black and white but close. The first panel’s ‘whiteness’ started being distorted by the chase for funding; whatever is currently flush with cash is what your basic research is related to. It started about the time I left the sciences for the computer world; at the time, everyone was trying to slant their basic research into virology toward AIDS, whether it was truly related or not.

The second is more recent; a certain amount of ‘politization’ has started to infect the sciences. The stem cell controversy was an example, with non-embryonic alternative efforts being downplayed and/or dismised in a reaction to the politization on the other side of the morality considerations. We now know there are significant non-embryonic alternatives, but get to them has involved ‘swimming upstream’ against creeping political groupthink in the scientific world, a defensive reaction that risks leading the sciences down the same type of dark hole the creationists have dug themselves.

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