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The Banana: an Atheist Nightmare? 15 Nov 2007

Posted by Jessa in Non-Religion, Religion.
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This has to be one of my favorite videos on YouTube.

God exists because bananas fit our hands!!!11!

Never mind that the banana he’s holding is a domesticated (evolved?) version of the practically inedible wild banana, shown below:



1. richardcraig - 16 Nov 2007

Oh no! My nightmare on video!
You can’t believe these guys actually believe what they’re saying and ignore the fact that the banana has been farmed by humans for centuries. It feels like Im bleeding from my ears sometimes when I hear these two!

2. Agent M - 02 Jun 2009

Bananas aside, there’s plenty of stuff found in nature untouched and/or non-domesticated that evolutionists cannot explain. Interestingly, anytime the subject has come up, in my experience, the facts are ignored and the subject swept under the rug. If it doesn’t fit the theory, it’s ignored. Strange. When I was growing up science was all about finding information, developing a theory and altering that theory when new evidence is discovered. This isn’t what’s done these days. Now, it’s formulate a theory based on appearances and when new information is discovered that doesn’t corroborate the theory, it’s either ignored or some wild explanation is dreamed up to make the new information fit the theory. Even though when questioned about the explanation the answer is always “we don’t know”.

As for Kirk Cameron’s comments, why do non-believers always judge God over mistakes or shortsightedness and ignorance of humans? So you’re saying that because some human being on TV (interesting that you were watching Christian television, by the way…) gets his or her facts a little mixed up, you automatically assume that means ALL believers are fruitcakes and God still doesn’t exist? Does that mean that if an African-American is caught stealing then that means all blacks are criminal? Of course not.

Incidentally, the words Christianity and evangelical may not appear in the Bible, but Christian and evangelist do. I find it interesting that you are such an expert on the contents of the Bible. I’ve read it through four times myself and I still don’t know it as well as you seem to be claiming. Maybe you should read it again. This time, open your heart and ask for understanding. It works. He is out there. And He’s listening. The clock is ticking. If I believe and I’m wrong then I have nothing to lose. If you don’t believe and you find out you were wrong then you have EVERYTHING to lose.

3. Jessa - 02 Jun 2009

Agent M:

Okay, my curiosity is piqued: exactly what in nature can evolutionists not explain? Would you care to provide examples? And remember that the Theory of Evolution is about the origin of biological diversity and not the origin of life (that’s abiogenesis) or the origin of the Earth or the Universe.

And finding new evidence that challenges existing explanations is the goal of any good scientist – it’s the fastest path to a Nobel Prize. For example, Penzias and Wilson in 1964 with their evidence about cosmic background radiation that the Steady State Theory could not explain. Scientist’s didn’t “sweep them under the rug”, they gave them their highest prize.

And by the way, you are really reading into my post. All I was implying is that the existence of the banana is not exactly the most convincing evidence of the existence of God. From a grand total of 3 sentences you have concluded an awful lot. Where did I say all believers are fruitcakes? Where did I say that God doesn’t exist. Where did I claim to be an expert on the Bible? You don’t even know me. For your information, I was a committed Christian for 30 years, and it was a 2-year, comprehensive study of the Bible done through my church that set me on the path of deconversion.

Oh, and a little tip: Pascal’s Wager is not exactly the most convincing argument. It assumes that either the Christian God exists, or no god exists. What if God is someone other than the Christian God? What if you spend your life worshiping Jesus, and you find out you were wrong because Allah or Brahman or any of the other thousands of gods that humans have believed in was the “true” god? Would you really have “nothing to lose” in this case?

4. Gerardo R. - 06 Aug 2009

Ok I know atlest one other thing that fits perfectly in the human hand and in the mouth, but you don’t see every creationist dropping to their knees for some man loving do you? Well according to some ministers all you need is enough meth and then PRAISE THE LORD!!! it’s the southern bannana from GOD!

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